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Marble Extraction Process

The journey of Cyprus Grey Marble begins in underground mines. Here, experienced miners carefully extract large blocks of marble with advanced technological equipment. This stage involves extracting the marble with maximum efficiency without disturbing its natural beauty.


First Processing of Marble

The marble blocks extracted from the mine are cut into large, raw pieces called 'logs'. This process is important to reduce the marble to smaller and more manageable sizes. At this stage, the marble is prepared for further processing.


Cutting and Slitting

The marble in log form is cut into thin slabs using cutting machines. In this process, the thickness and dimensions of the marble are adjusted according to its end use. The cutting process requires precision and care, as it is important to preserve the natural texture of the marble.


Slab Formation: Polishing

The cut marble slabs undergo a polishing process. This stage gives the marble a smooth and shiny surface. Polishing makes the colors and veins of the marble more prominent, thus giving it an aesthetic appearance.


Indoor and Outdoor Use

At the final stage, the polished marble slabs are ready for use both indoors (areas such as bathrooms, kitchens) and outdoors. Indoors, marble is preferred in various applications such as sink countertops, wall cladding, flooring, while outdoors it is used in areas such as garden paths, terrace coverings and exterior cladding. The durability and aesthetic appearance of Cyprus grey marble adds a luxurious and natural beauty to both interior and exterior spaces. This marble is known for its resistance to all weather conditions and offers its users a long-lasting, aesthetic experience


Mine Marble portfolio

Our portfolio showcases a diverse range of applications for Cyprus Grey marble, from elegant interior designs in kitchens and bathrooms to robust and aesthetic outdoor installations like garden pathways and exterior facades. Each project reflects our commitment to quality and our ability to enhance spaces with the natural beauty and durability of this exquisite marble.